Athletes devote and optimize themselves to be the very best they can, every single day. As an athlete, your main job is to build a character and identity as a form of power and influence — often putting your body and mind on the line for this type of self-mastery.
This is how I expand my mind into its limitless nature
The Truth about Life after Sports: My take on Former Pro Athlete Mental Health While it’s a challenging experience it is a very positive process! Let me explain…
And expand your mind into its limitless nature
3 different areas of focus when creating a life and business with LOVE Listen now (24 min) | Learn about the 5 important attributes to focus on when creating a life and business you LOVE
Myth: power and growth require effort How to effortlessly step into your leadership power
What are your thoughts?
How to enrich your potential with mindfulnessBecause your true nature is beyond the mind-body but what we can refer to as awareness, is actually limitless potential.
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Gilad Karni