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Athletes devote and optimize themselves to be the very best they can, every single day. As an athlete, your main job is to build a character and…
Dream! Team! Dream, Team! Dream Team. Listen now (12 min) | Create your dream team and a tribute to John Lennon
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5 Guiding Principles to CREATE a business you LOVEYou do not change the world by judging your creations, you change it by sharing them!
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Myth: power and growth require effort How to effortlessly step into your leadership power
What is the source of joy, peace, and freedom? Transcendence, Transformation, Self-realization
The Truth about Life after Sports: My take on Former Pro Athlete Mental Health While it’s a challenging experience it is a very positive process! Let me explain…
It’s who you are.
3 different areas of focus when creating a life and business with LOVE Listen now (24 min) | Learn about the 5 important attributes to focus on when creating a life and business you LOVE