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Myth: power and growth require effort

How to effortlessly step into your leadership power

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Success is a State of Being™ is here to awaken your limitless nature and help you create success as a moment-by-moment experience. We will guide you to expand your consciousness, elevate your leadership, and create a business you love! Join me for fascinating discussions with inspiring leaders, teachers, and thinkers that will illuminate your purpose, potential, and existence.
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Rest is often the best investment you can make in your goals. Often, our conditioned way of using power is how we drain ourselves from this powerful source of energy.

And even as we think of how we recover our physical bodies after a hard training day or workout — it’s often through rest. 

How can we use this principle and challenge the status quo about leadership, business, and success? 

Part of my intention is to work with former pro athletes, while not solely who I work with, we share a strong background and connection. 

Part of what guides us together, in what I’ve called The Dream Team, is: make a few good days of rest and you'll see how your motivation kicks in again. It’s easy to forget and judge ourselves for not having more motivation. 

When you notice this in yourself use these three philosophies to get yourself back to rest and true motivation:

Leadership is overcoming yourself in service to humanity — the most influential leaders in history have never been those who sought the spotlight rather leaders who dedicate themselves to serving a mission or purpose much bigger than themselves; so big that they had to overcome themselves in the process. When you dedicate your life to serving your purpose you overcome yourself; you overcome your fears, self doubt, and hiding because your purpose becomes a much more important function than yourself. 

How to find your purpose? Purpose is not something to find, rather it reveals itself in the right moment and environment. Your purpose as a human being is to live in unconditional joy and freedom; go to the place where your joy and freedom know no limitations and you will know your purpose!

“Find a place where there is joy and the joy will burn out the pain” — Joseph Campbell

Success is a State of Being™ — success is not another accomplishment or trophy but a present moment experience. No one has ever experienced success outside the present moment yet most people seek it in the future. Developing this understanding will help you overcome many of your challenges and ease a lot of your efforts around creating your own version of success. Success is a state of being — our guiding principle to create success is the present moment without being dependent on external validation or attached to a future event. 

Business is a creative expression of loveto create or grow a business you love, ask yourself three questions and apply the answers, every single day :

  1. What would I love to create?

  2. What is my creative expression of love?

  3. Who do I need to BE to create it?

Former athletes over the course of their sports career, mastered executing instructions with great precision and taking leadership in challenging situations. 

Yet, we were never trained in asking the right questions since the sports industry is not the place to question its structure.

As athletes and leaders we are trained to use our power in a forceful way many times and experience exhaustion, disengagement, and stress on the other side of it. Did it happen to you?

Stress and exhaustion create atrophy, they deteriorate and shut down the mechanisms of your brain, muscles, organs, cells, all our biological systems.

Growth cannot happen in such an environment so if you still have any stress and exhaustion in your mind and body (most people do, especially former athletes), there’s still an opportunity to tap into your ultimate potential.

But what we’ve noticed in The Dream Community is that the questions you are asking yourself will determine your fulfillment, excellence, and impact.

What questions are you asking yourself right now? And who is helping you create powerful answers?

Your life, business, and leadership are a direct result of these questions and the people who help you answer them.

So how can you step into your power in a different way, effortlessly? 

Ask yourself these questions…

1. What would it look like to use power without force?

2. How can I use my power to open hearts instead of breaking walls?

3. How can I use my power to GAIN energy?

4. What’s the most effortless way for me to bring my power?

5. What if I bring more power from my heart and less from my head and body?

And here are some answers from The Dream Team members to inspire you…

What would it look like to use power without force?

“Allow my teammates to fail hard and pick them back up.”

How can I use my power to open hearts instead of breaking walls?

“Lead with kindness”

How can I use my power to GAIN energy? 

“Highlighting and elevating the strengths of people around me”

What’s the most effortless way for me to bring my power?

“Say NO to almost everything”

What if I bring more power from my heart and less from my head and body?

“Leading from the heart is like loosening the screw or turning the faucet head on. Things become easy and clear"

What about you? How would you answer these 5 questions?

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